Michael Cox Visits Grimoldby School!

As part of our World Book Day celebrations, we were very privileged to have a visit from the famous children’s author Michael Cox on Wednesday 13th March. You can find out more about Michael Cox, check out his books or just admire his website by clicking here.

Check out the class blogs to find out what the children got up to, what they thought and find out which of his books they have bought and enjoyed…


Furthermore, it’s well worth checking out www.lovereading4kids.co.uk for children’s books. Not only can you view them by genre or age group, but you can also download a free sample of most books which can then be viewed on a computer, tablet device, e-reader or even printed out onto good old paper! Perfect for deciding whether a book is for you or not.

One thought on “Michael Cox Visits Grimoldby School!

  1. When Michael Cox came to vist our school it was a really fun day. He showed us some of his books year 4 got to look at a book called Tutankhamun and his treasures.

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